Oct. 10th, 2012

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I just have to mock for a moment. In this thread: http://dear-gnome.livejournal.com/2392133.html?style=mine&nc=6#comments this person is complaining that every other player in the game besides her sucks. I can't stop laughing at her! What is that saying? If everyone around you sucks, maybe it's not THEM that suck but you? Hahaha! Yeah, I think we've found the problem.

On a more somber note, this sort of attitude is why people from other games hate WoW players and why I want WoW players to STAY IN WOW and never leave it. Don't come to my games with your crappy attitude and hate-filled screeds, we have a very nice community, TYVM, and we help each other gladly because it's the right thing to do.

I came back to WoW for a short time to help my son-in-law. There's this thing called a "scroll of resurrection" and if you use it on a player who has left the game and they re-sub for a while you get a bunch of free stuff. So I went along with it and bought a time card so I may as well play while I have time on there. But I tell ya, I now remember exactly what it was that burnt me out on WoW. Not the quests, not the dungeons, not the dailies, but the other players. I'd forgotten just how toxic that atmosphere is and it was truly shocking when I saw it again.

This girl is really unintelligent too. Honestly, if I didn't laugh about people like this, I'd cry. I'd love to figure out what makes people become like this. It's so sad!


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