Dec. 12th, 2012 03:26 pm
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Right before we left for our trip, my washing machine broke. I mean really broke. So when we got back last week, we went shopping for a new set. They were delivered on Sunday and I've been doing laundry since then. Today I finished. I was so bummed about running out of laundry to do that I decided to wash my rugs (bathroom and kitchen) haha! This new set really does a good job so far! *knock on wood*

Also, we got new phones. Yes, we've finally joined the 21st century and got smart phones. We honestly don't really need that kind of functionality, but whatever. Our previous, semi-stupid phones, were fine though. I do miss the slide-out keyboard, but our service provider doesn't support any phones with slide-out keyboards at all! Even though they are coming out with good ones too!

We settled on getting identical phones so if there's any learning curve we can help each other out. Last time we got new phones we each picked differently and regretted that decision since neither could help the other. We got Motorola Atrix HD phones. This model seems to do everything we need and runs on Android which we prefer. (We won't have any apple products in the house unless it's juice or sauce! HAHA!)

At first I was a bit freaked out because LEARNING A NEW PHONE OMG! But after the first day I was really fine. It's basically just like my Nexus 7 only smaller and with a phone. It does go through the battery a lot faster than my old one though. Still, I think it's worth it.
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It seems like Christmas is being pushed so much earlier than usual. I know it gets earlier all the time, but I was seeing TV ads before Halloween. That's never happened before. I'd see stuff in stores, but not on TV. Blah. By the time Christmas actually gets here, I'll be sick of it.

The Mister hates decorating for the holidays. We decided to compromise by getting a 4 foot tree. For some reason, I kind of want a white tree. I never used to like them, I always wanted a realistic tree, but I saw a white tree and it looked so pretty to me. Anyway I want to display all my Star Trek ornaments, so we have to have SOMETHING.
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You know how the right is screaming about how it was only minorities who voted for Obama? Yeah, right. It turns out that most of the votes Obama got were from white people.

So suck it, GOP, you don't own the white vote either!
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I ran across this recipe and I want to try it so badly, but I can't have this on my diet :( Maybe one of my friends can try making it? Here's the link:


Oct. 31st, 2012 09:56 pm
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Y'all my spider is a girl. She has an egg sac. You'd think that would make her hungrier but she is completely ignoring the cricket in there.

At least now I know why she was so grumpy the night I caught her. I imagine her back hurt and she had to pee and her feet were killing her.
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Ok, so I'm catching up on the comments in the lj_releases thread when I came across this post:

"Thank you for your inquiry.

There is no way to turn off the message regarding the beta version of the Friends page/feed. It will remain visible to all users during the beta period, after which point the new Friends page will become the only version available.

So there you go. LJ definitely wants to drive me away.


Oct. 31st, 2012 12:55 pm
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If any of you want to add me on Dreamwidth, my journal there (which I'm actually crossposting to LJ from) is

It's my understanding that DW doesn't require a code anymore.
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I was reading on the lj releases group and got to the end of page 12 (WHEW!), refreshed the page and in the time it took me to read page 12, it went up to 19 pages.  And I'm a pretty fast reader.  Not that I expect it will make any difference to them.  They are russian after all, and they are kind of used to the dictatorial model of government.

Also, I encourage all of you to get a Dreamwidth journal.  Apparently they are open to everyone now with no code needed.  You can easily import your journal entries from here, including tags AND security settings. 
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Stole this from a community on Journalfen. I am so mad. Y'all know I'm visually impaired so I read everything from my FL and have the gigantic font so I can see. Well, LJ is taking away our FL customization. Yep. You heard right. Our FLs are all going to look the same, and that same is unreadable when you are visually impaired.

Here's the Journalfen post:
What are they up to now?
How could they possibly fuck up their own site any worse than they already have?
Everyone's FriendsList will look the same. Styled in that migraine-inducing blinding white.
With infinite scrolling. (Note that [info]ruljautonews only translates Russian LJ news posts into English and has no actual affiliation with LJ or it's staff.)
Oh, and LJ's U.S. office is shutting down.

Hey Dreamwidth? Expect yet another flood of sign ups.

ETA: It's live now. It hasn't been forced yet, but there's an annoying bar tellingme to change to the new style.

Me again. I have just been to my FL. I have my prefs set to display place holders for pictures and video (saves sideways scrolling sometimes) and it's completely ignoring that and showing pictures, forcing me to scroll sideways. It's been great here on LJ all these years, but I think this will do it in for me. I just don't know if I can stick around with this mess. Scrolling sideways is a complete pain and I hate it, and it's stupid to have to have my LJ window full screen. Honestly, it's like they WANT LJ to go belly up.
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I finally seem to have come off that plateau. After three weeks of no loss, I finally lost a pound. I'm so close to my goal that this plateau was very frustrating.

I'm so sick of the hot weather. It's going to be at least 80 degrees again today. It's late October, it's supposed to be cooling off now! ARG!

Dang I had a million things I wanted to talk about today, and now that I'm sitting down at my PC I can't think of a one of them. Oh well. Isn't that always the way?
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My washing machine is making a funny noise! I've had the washer/dryer set for 8 years now, and they don't even sell this set in the U.S. anymore. Gahhhh, I don't know what I'll do if it breaks, it's such an oddball brand (but it has been excellent until now) I don't know if anyone works on this kind. What if I have to replace it? Who makes a good front loading washing machine with an on-board water heater?


Oct. 21st, 2012 03:41 pm
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Lately this has been cracking me up:

I always felt invisible in our old car (we just traded it in this past summer). Sometimes that's a good thing. I miss that car sometimes.
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I just got a postcard in the mail from the government informing me that a rapist has moved into my vicinity. I'm kind of freaked out about it. I googled the address and there's nothing there but some kind of business, which freaked me out more. I don't know what to make of it all. Why is the address not a real address? Does the government know that there's nothing at that address but a parking lot? Is it a cover for where he's really living?
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Dear Hollywood,

Fear and nausea aren't the same thing.
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Still sick. Does anyone know a way to unstuff your nose? My sinuses are driving me crazy. Sudafed (either version, OTC and semi-otc) has stopped working for me. I am too afraid of addiction to try nasal spray. I got addicted to it before and it was so hard to stop using it. That rebound stuffiness is a bitch! I just want to breathe though!
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I just have to mock for a moment. In this thread: this person is complaining that every other player in the game besides her sucks. I can't stop laughing at her! What is that saying? If everyone around you sucks, maybe it's not THEM that suck but you? Hahaha! Yeah, I think we've found the problem.

On a more somber note, this sort of attitude is why people from other games hate WoW players and why I want WoW players to STAY IN WOW and never leave it. Don't come to my games with your crappy attitude and hate-filled screeds, we have a very nice community, TYVM, and we help each other gladly because it's the right thing to do.

I came back to WoW for a short time to help my son-in-law. There's this thing called a "scroll of resurrection" and if you use it on a player who has left the game and they re-sub for a while you get a bunch of free stuff. So I went along with it and bought a time card so I may as well play while I have time on there. But I tell ya, I now remember exactly what it was that burnt me out on WoW. Not the quests, not the dungeons, not the dailies, but the other players. I'd forgotten just how toxic that atmosphere is and it was truly shocking when I saw it again.

This girl is really unintelligent too. Honestly, if I didn't laugh about people like this, I'd cry. I'd love to figure out what makes people become like this. It's so sad!
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This dadgum cold is still hanging around. Ugh.

Also, happy belated Columbus Day to all of you. I didn't get to get out to any of the sales because I'm sick. But I did find time to raise a glass to Columbus. Extra cheers to all my North American friends who wouldn't exist had Columbus not started the ball rolling towards our ancestors getting together in the New World and eventually having all of us :D

I'm Sick

Sep. 27th, 2012 11:19 am
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Blah, I have a cold. It's not really bad I guess but I feel like crap. I haven't slept well in like 3 days because I can't breathe well. I wish they would come out with a cure for the common cold!
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I had the weirdest dream last night. I dreamt that I was helping some Jews do some things they weren't allowed to on the sabbath. IDK where that came from! I think it's my feverish state since I currently have a bad cold and my sleep was just weird anyway.
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I'm finding myself really stressed out lately, and I think it's because of politics, you know? I feel like the stakes are so great this time around and I'm panicking. So I'm going to pull a Scarlett O'Hara and think about that tomorrow. I'm going to start avoiding reading stuff that'll upset me and think about superficial things for a while.

My first item is that I'm SICK TO DEATH of "armpit bags". Why did purse designers suddenly start skimping on the shoulder strap? I see so many gorgeous bags except for the strap which will force the bag under my arm and cause the whole thing to be mashed. YUCK. I see women walking around smooshing their bags under their arms and probably getting pit stains on them too. WTF handbag makers? W.T.F?!?


Sep. 20th, 2012 06:45 pm
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In honor of the upcoming Equinox on the 22nd, I'm posting this video.

Autumn time, red leaves fall
While the weeping sky looks over all
Demeter sadly walks the land
the dying grasses in her hand.
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The new trailer for The Hobbit.

Thorin Oakenshield is YUMMY! I may have to become a fangirl for him. Damn. He really gets my motor running.


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