Apr. 28th, 2011 01:59 pm
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After so much devastation, of course Jim Cantore of the weather channel has to bring his ghoulish self over here to gloat over all the damage.  I hate him so much.  I hate the glee with which he greets the destruction of people's homes and lives.  Ugh.  What an asshole!  I wish the Weather Channel would get rid of that jerk!
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Some of my husband's coworkers lost their houses in the tornado last night.  It's so horrible!  I'm glad that our house was ok, and my mom and nephew are also ok and had no damage, but I am very sorry for those who weren't so lucky.

I have a rant that seems pretty unimportant after all the tornado damage, but I'm going to do it anyway because even a minor irritation is irritating.  Google has messed up the Google toolbar.  I LOVE my Google toolbar, or at least I used to.  I use a couple of different computers so by using the toolbar, I was able to keep them mostly the same.  But now, despite the fact that I have vast tracts of space on that toolbar, Google decided that they would hide all my buttons.  I can bring them back by clicking the "more" button, but then they disappear again.  It is really super annoying!  GOOGLE! GIVE ME MY BUTTONS BACK!  *SHAKES FIST*

Checking around the internet, it seems like it annoys all the other Google toolbar users as well.  I hope they fix it.  It's not nearly as useful to me with all the clicking I have to do on it now when I used to just have to click my button, now I have to click "more" then the button, then the next thing.  It's ridiculous!
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Here's a report from MSNBC about the tornado that came through here earlier today.  In some places it was a mile and a half wide!  I almost had a nervous breakdown when it was happening.  Luckily we sustained no damage at our house.
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Ok, so there was a tornado headed straight for us.  I'm home alone and kind of panicking.  I start thinking that I should change out of my tacky shorts.  If my house is involved in damage, I want to be dressed decently.  WTF?  Yes.  So I'm changing clothes trying to figure out which shirt goes better with these pants in case my house is destroyed and I wind up having to see rescuers or something.  I don't even know about myself sometimes.

We're all clear for now.  For the record, I picked a tan shirt with dark blue jeans.  I'm not that happy with it, to be honest, but I got a grip and realized I should get to the bathroom where it's safer for crying out loud.


Apr. 27th, 2011 12:48 pm
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We're having terrible weather today.  It started last night and I wound up staying up to watch and make sure everyone would be able to get to our "safe place" until 5:00 a.m.  I couldn't stay awake anymore after that so went to sleep.  Thirty minutes later my mom calls me, luckily she was up that early, and she told me to get to my safe place.  I ran downstairs and turned on the TV and sure enough they were saying that a huge line of bad storms was heading right towards us and that everyone in the metro area should get to safety. 

I ran back up and threw on some clothes and woke up my husband and we grabbed some pillows and waited it out in the downstairs half-bathroom.  I couldn't believe the wind sounds we were hearing even in that interior room!  It was crazy!  I really thought a tornado was out there, I expected to hear crashing sounds at any moment.  I had turned the TV loud enough so that we could hear it in there, and after 15-20 minutes they were saying that it had passed us so we went back to bed.

Now they are saying we're going to get more sucky weather this afternoon and the risk of tornadoes (and strong tornadoes) is high.  Bleah.


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