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Stole this from a community on Journalfen. I am so mad. Y'all know I'm visually impaired so I read everything from my FL and have the gigantic font so I can see. Well, LJ is taking away our FL customization. Yep. You heard right. Our FLs are all going to look the same, and that same is unreadable when you are visually impaired.

Here's the Journalfen post:
What are they up to now?
How could they possibly fuck up their own site any worse than they already have?
Everyone's FriendsList will look the same. Styled in that migraine-inducing blinding white.
With infinite scrolling. (Note that [info]ruljautonews only translates Russian LJ news posts into English and has no actual affiliation with LJ or it's staff.)
Oh, and LJ's U.S. office is shutting down.

Hey Dreamwidth? Expect yet another flood of sign ups.

ETA: It's live now. It hasn't been forced yet, but there's an annoying bar tellingme to change to the new style.

Me again. I have just been to my FL. I have my prefs set to display place holders for pictures and video (saves sideways scrolling sometimes) and it's completely ignoring that and showing pictures, forcing me to scroll sideways. It's been great here on LJ all these years, but I think this will do it in for me. I just don't know if I can stick around with this mess. Scrolling sideways is a complete pain and I hate it, and it's stupid to have to have my LJ window full screen. Honestly, it's like they WANT LJ to go belly up.
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